Leda Rafanelli hasn’t written anything new since her death in 1971 (at least nothing that we know of), but she continues to inspire and intrigue. How can a person be both religious and an anarchist? Why would a female activist who relentlessly advocates for women’s rights shun feminism? There’s a lot to say about Leda Rafanelli, and if you’re interested in the conversation, here’s a list of recent events and publications to check out:

November 5, 2019 (yes 2019) 11:30 – 1:30 pm: Author Andrea Pakieser will give a presentation entitled “I Belong Only to Myself: Leda Rafanelli and other phenomenal women from the early days of feminism” at the Colorado Feminist Luncheon in downtown Denver. Further details forthcoming.

Issue #14 (the Flood issue, July 2017) of the literary magazine Spolia features a new English translation of one of Leda’s stories from Memorie d’una Chiromante [Memoirs of a Fortuneteller].

On March 31, 2017, Bluestockings in NYC hosted a guided journaling session on Leda Rafanelli’s Mystic Feminism and Feminility. During this event, participants used translated excerpts of Leda’s work to springboard journaling and discussion on theosophic, transnational, and spiritual approaches to understanding gender and power.

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